Feedback on A&E Scheme


Olivia is the Film Community Engagement Coordinator at Ludlow Assembly Rooms. Last month she met up with an adviser as part of our A&E Scheme and reports back on her experience:


What a fantastic scheme and opportunity! Having worked in various sectors of the film industry for around 14 years (4 of those most recently in exhibition) I recognise the importance of collaboration, sharing and being open to critique and feedback in the industry, whatever career-stage you’re at. Copywriting specifically for our film brochure was a role I almost fell into after offering to proof and provide additional copy when and where it was needed. Having had no official formal training in copywriting, I decided that the A&E Scheme was perfect for me to access as it opened up the opportunity to gain feedback on my work and develop my skills.


The Film Hub NWC paired me with an appropriate advisor who came to meet me for an afternoon at my place of work which was perfect. It meant that not only was this convenient for me but I was able to grab various booklets we had in the building that I had written for different audiences and purposes and we could go through some writing exercises together. The session was a real confidence booster in addition to being highly informative and helpful. It was also a wonderful touch that the advisor remembered some points that she contacted me with after the session and has offered to be contactable when and if I need to.


Accessing the scheme is really a no-brainer given that, in essence, expert one-to-one advice is being offered in such a convenient and personable way that would otherwise be costly or difficult to access. If you’re in need of help (or if you’re not but want to enrich your knowledge and skills) don’t hesitate to take advantage of this scheme!

Other feedback from the scheme by Hub Members:

“I was very pleased to have this consultation as it made me aware of possibilities for the future.”

“The main impact of the visit was the confidence and reassurance it gave the team. Morale was low as we were struggling to develop our audience. Itgave the whole team a much needed lift.”

“It was really useful to meet someone with a lot of knowledge and experience so I was able to get answers to the questions I wanted to ask. It has enabled me to really focus on what i need to have in place to deliver my objectives.”

“As a regional cinema with limited resources it is very easy to fall behind on industry good practice and keep up to date with useful structures implemented by others and technical trends. The session covered several aspects of our operation, providing a much need health check on the organisation.”


The Advice & Experience (A&E) Advisory Scheme gives our Members FREE access to high level industry experience on a broad range of topics. For more information on the scheme click here or if you have any questions feel free to email


Photo by Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash