Flicks in the Sticks –


Film Hub NWC are proud to be supporting rural cinema provider Flicks in the Sticks.

    Flicks in the Sticks delivers diverse and entertaining films to a range of venues in rural areas, mainly in village halls. We screen a huge range of films, from block buster new releases to foreign films, and for a whole age range – classics for the older audience and family films for the little ones!

    Flicks provides a unique experience with the community feel, bringing people together in rural venues through the medium of film.

    One of the primary goals for Flicks is to move, challenge and bring a variety of world cultures into what is mostly a mono-cultural area – broadening perspectives of people of all ages.  We are continually striving to deliver a better service for our audiences and providing not just a fun evening of entertainment but enriching the lives of those living rurally.

    In 2016/7 we are looking to develop pop-up, one off screenings to appeal not just to our ‘loyal’ current audience but also broaden our audiences to include a younger crowd. We are also interesting in evolving this idea and potentially doing themed evenings driven by the content or theme of the film itself.

    The work is made possible through the fantastic help from BFI Film Audience Network Fund through the North West Central hub, and of course our brilliant promoter volunteers who are trained with technical support to screen the films.

    You can stay up to date with the latest screenings. News and competitions by liking us on Facebook, and following us for film news on Twitter: @FlicksinSticks

    Website: Arts Alive