HOME Artist Film –

Two unique compilations of artist moving image available for Hub Members to book.

    HOME Artist Film was set up in 2011 by Artistic Director Sarah Perks to investigate new methods of production, distribution and exhibition for artist feature film, exploiting digital technology whilst particularly making use of our unique bridge between visual art networks, artists and independent film exhibition.

    Film Hub NWC supported HOME Artist Film to produce two short film packages in order to be extremely accessible and good value for Hub Members and are complemented by the resources to effectively market and promote the compilations.

    HOME Artist Film presents two unique compilation of artist moving image, available to hire for public screenings and free to Film Hub North West Central Members:
    •  Transactions of Desire, curated for HOME’s inaugural theme, questions what really motivates our intimate relationships and actions. Seven short artists films take you on a journey through comedy, contemplation and cunning, including new films produced for specifically for this screening by artists Chris Paul Daniels and Laura Morrison, alongside Rachel Maclean and Rob Crosse and others. (Available now on DVD and BluRay). 
    • The Tin Screen: no.w.here’s 10th birthday. No.w.here is a unique space for artist film and moving image based in East London, no.w.here has bespoke film equipment not available anywhere else in the UK and is a vital production space for artists to innovate and experiment. This screening includes work by artists Bradley Eros & Tim Geraghty, James Holcombe, Ben Gwilliam, Hang Jun Lee and James Richards. (Available now on BluRay).

    The compilations are also available to FAN members outside the North West Central region at a cost of £50, other venues not part of the network can book it for a £100 fee.

    For more information or to book contact: artistfilm@homemcr.org