The Dukes: Venue Support 2017 –

The Dukes will carry out activity with the overall aim of creating a long-term and sustainable independent film programmes their venue.

    The Dukes is a cinema, theatre and cultural centre, based in Lancaster. We exist to produce extraordinary theatre and act as a leading resource for film and digital arts, dance, music and the performing arts.


    The organisation has been delivering a programme of world, specialised and independent film to audiences in Lancashire for over 40 years. In 2016 The Dukes delivered arts and cultural events to audiences of over 80000, of which 42695 were for the organisation’s programme of film and alternative content.


    With Film Hub NWC Venue Support, The Dukes team aim to create an exciting programme of films from around the globe, including new releases and old favourites; to create a long-term and sustainable programme that can continue beyond the life of the funding. Further they want to connect family audiences with films they would might not otherwise have been able to watch in Lancashire cinemas.