The Northern Light Cinema –

Urban Edge Cinema - working with Children & Young Adults in Care in the Derbyshire area.

    The Northern Light Cinema is dedicated to bringing a heady mix of world, independent and specialist films to it largely rural audience, in Wirksworth Derbyshire.

    In 2016/17 Film Hub North West Central supported their Urban Edge Cinema project which saw the team working with Children & Young Adults in Care in the Derbyshire area, helping them to create a programme of films based on themes of their choosing, marketing the films to their peers as well as to the general public. Working with Derbyshire County Council, they were able to run programming and marketing skills workshops for the group.

    The group were enlisted via direct contact with care homes and foster parents and took place between January and March 2017 with a celebration event held on Sunday February 26th 2017 to align with the Oscars. There will also be a further 5 films selected by the group that will form part of the cinema’s Spring/Summer programme.